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2 - 3 June 2021

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Caspian Oil & Gas Conference - Azerbaijan ranks 53rd in Top 60 of world

Azerbaijan ranks 53rd in Top 60 of world


Azerbaijan has occupied the 53rd, between Guatemala and Bolivia, in the ranking of the best countries in the world on the version of US News & World Report.

Top 5 of the best countries included Germany, Canada, UK, U.S. and Sweden. The general rating from 60 countries is closed by Iran (58), Ukraine (59) and Algeria (60), Kazakhstan (55), and Russia (24).

The countries were assessed on nine criteria.

In particular, Azerbaijan ranks 55th on entrepreneurship development (including infrastructure development, capital market), 43rd on open business and 56th on quality of life, 54th on travel & adventure, 56th on cultural influence, and 57th on the historical heritage, 38th on economic impact (thanks to the assessment of the level of force and cooperation with international alliances). By this criterion, Russia ranks the 2nd place, losing the championship to the U.S. and outstripping China.


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