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2 - 3 June 2021

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Caspian Oil & Gas Conference - Turkey purchased $16.8M-energy from Azerbaijan this year

Turkey purchased $16.8M-energy from Azerbaijan this year

Turkey reduced energy import 30% in January-September 2016.

According to Anadolu agency, the reduction was caused by increase of production of electrical and renewable energies.

According to statistics, Turkey paid $155,801,000 for 3,244,448,000 kWh of energy from Greece, Georgia, Bulgaria and Azerbaijan in 2016, while it paid $290,417,000 for 4,654,021,000 kWh of energy from Greece, Bulgaria, Georgia, Iraq and Iran in 2016.

In September, Turkey paid $24,662,000 for 477,289,000 kWh of energy purchased from Greece, Bulgaria, Georgia and Azerbaijan.

Bulgaria heads the countries which sold energy to Turkey. It exported 2,131,177,000 kWh worth $98,498,000 energy to Turkey in January-September. Turkey paid $169,090,000 to Greece for 542,961,000 kWh of energy, $16,819,000 and $9,427,000 to Azerbaijan and Georgia for 345,633,000 kWh and 224,677,000 kWh of energy.


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