27th International
Caspian Oil & Gas Conference

2 - 3 June 2021

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Caspian Oil & Gas Conference - All important issues have successfully been covered at the conference

All important issues have successfully been covered at the conference


Ir Norafilzal Bi Mat Saad, Chief Executive Officer, PETRONAS E & P OVERSEAS VENTURES SDN BHD (PEPOV) and Director General of Joint Venture International, PETRONAS Upstream

- This conference is very important. Here we can see delegates from all over the world, as well as representatives of large companies. The Caspian Oil & Gas Conference has brought together participants who, in fact, determine the prospects for the development of the oil and gas market and particularly in the Caucasus region.

My presentation deals with innovation and risk management in the development of oil fields in a cash-limited environment. The agenda of the speeches is formed in such a way that it covers the present day and future of the oil and gas market in the region, and not only of the Caucasus region. Here, the reports on the one hand cover the issues of operation, transportation, development of oil and gas fields, and, on the other hand, topics representing related industries. I think that the conference has successfully raised all important issues.

Another point is that during the breaks there is also an opportunity to discuss cooperation with potential partners that represent important players in the oil and gas market from around the world.



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