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2 - 3 June 2021

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Caspian Oil & Gas Conference - SOCAR summarized results of its drilling works for 2014

SOCAR summarized results of its drilling works for 2014


This December the State Oil Company of Azerbaijan (SOCAR) reduced drilling by 25.3% against November.

The SOCAR informs that if not to take into account drilling operations by joint ventures (JVs) and operating companies (OCs) in November it drilled 8,506 m against 11,389 m in November, 8.714 m in October, 9,362 m in September and 15,635 m in May (the best index in 2014). Last year the best index was registered in April (17,190 m). The best month indicator for the entire history was registered in July 2012 (17.414 m). The best figure for 2011 was observed in September (14,866 m). The volume of drilling in February 2010 (12,890 m) was the best index of 2010, and 17,399 m in April of 2009 was earlier the best index over the last few years.

At that, in December 2014 development drilling made up 8,062 m, exploration drilling 444 m, while wildcat drilling was not performed the same as in July-November.


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