Conference Programme

Day 1
2 June, Thursday
1. The future of the energy at the crossroads. Green Energy recovery
2. Covid-19 pandemic impact on energy sector and short/mid-term recovery forecasts
3. Reinventing oil and gas for a new energy era. From oil and gas company towards energy company
Parviz Shahbazov, Minister, Ministry of Energy of the Republic of Azerbaijan
Yury Sentyurin, Secretary General, GECF
Sustainable Finance – How can the energy sector leverage this opportunity and finance the transition? What are the opportunities and risks for energy investment?
Technology (Synthetic and Biofuels, Energy and the Future of Mobility and Transportation - EVs, Hybrids, Aviation) – Discuss the impacts of emerging clean technologies on the economy and the role of energy sector and oil and gas in the transition of transportation and infrastructure
Policy and Governance – Discuss possible roadmaps for the net zero transition. What policies may be implemented? Which approaches have been effective so far?
Transition to low-carbon economy. Alignment of Energy strategy with country carbon reduction commitments. Paris Agreement, SDG 13 Climate Action, NDCs, EU Green Deal – The implications of evolving GHG regulations and global climate change policy on economies and how energy sector can mitigate the climate change impacts
Energy Mix and Markets, Supply and Demand Drivers: Possible recovery trajectories for fossil fuels – Which emerging investment directions and regions can generate sustainable market value?
Renewable Energy and Fossil Fuels Lock-in – Renewables have shown a sole growing demand during the pandemic and are projected to grow further. What are the challenges and the future of electricity grids with an increasing share of renewables in the energy mix? What is next for the oil and gas lock-in at the forefront of inevitable renewables growth?
Renewable energy potential of Azerbaijan (or Caspian Region, Caucasus region?)
Gas infrastructure and gas consortia in energy security – Meeting energy demand and reducing emissions for a sustainable transition to net zero
Gas transport and storage – Upgrade prospects and potential of existing and planned mid- and downstream gas infrastructure
Decarbonised and renewable gases (biomethane, synthetic LNG, hydrogen) and Carbon Capture and Storage
Inclusive organizational environment in the workplace – Building integrity
“Beyond Zero” concept in Health and Safety – Behavioral changes and organizational maturity in Occupational Health and Safety; discuss a safer way to manage operations
The aging profession and emerging new talent preferences in the new world – The future of experienced personnel in oil and gas, their digital competences. Expectations and attitudes of the new generation of sustainability-conscious young professionals
Day 2
3 June, Friday
Enhanced Oil Recovery – R&D prospects, improvements and current applications
Sustainability and nanoparticles – Current applications, research prospects, and improvements (e.g. drilling fluids, hazardous waste treatment, chemicals processing etc.). Are they better, viable and safer than conventional methods?
Geo-computing, spatial and augmented reality applications in industry – current applications and development prospects